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yellow bomb

yellow bomb

Vancouver 2013

I love walking around in the quickly disappearing industrial and warehouse district near Main and Terminal in Vancouver. Condo developments are squeezing out old buildings that once housed clothing manufacturers, carpet wholesalers and an assortment of metal and woodworking shops. There is a city block of particularly dingy side roads and shipping bays that draws a lot of unmentionables and which has been the subject matter for a few of my images, including the one above.

Despite having walked some strange parts of town in various parts of the world, like in the outskirts of Queens, Bogota, or Mexico City, I rarely feel intimidated by the surroundings or by some of the unsavory types that tend to hang around the darker alleys and doorways. On the particular afternoon I took this photo, though, I felt a little concerned about two black-hooded men, one on the street corner obviously acting as a “look-out” and another standing in front of a dilapidated entrance-way into one of the shadier looking buildings. It looked straight out of a bad movie. Something just told me to stay away and I did, turning on my heels, at which point I saw this image on the opposite wall above some brush and discarded aerosol cans.

air france


East Vancouver 2009

Minimalism meets simple shadows just off of Commercial Drive. One my favourites as it reminds me of how bright and sunny Vancouver can be on rare occasions.

happy holidays

Vancouver 2012

The holidays are right around the corner. Be merry.

primary fourths

Vancouver 2012

I travel quite frequently over the Second Narrows (Ironworkers Memorial) Bridge which joins East Vancouver and the industrial part of North Vancouver. From Bridgeway Street, right next to the bridge on the East Van side, you can access the grain elevators which is more or less from where I took this shot which was part of a larger series of four. The shadows just kill me and the little touches of primary colours still make me smile.


Vancouver 2009

For this shot I had to get down and dirty, on my hands and knees on the sidewalk.  It was taken on Commercial Drive on a bright and crisp morning in February before this store had opened for the day..


Vancouver 2012

The beautiful stretch of sunshine we had in Vancouver over early fall offered such bright sun-saturated colours combined with long shadows, two of my favourite photographic elements.