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East Vancouver 2009

Minimalism meets simple shadows just off of Commercial Drive. One my favourites as it reminds me of how bright and sunny Vancouver can be on rare occasions.

summer shadow

summershadow square blogged

Mississauga 2007

Some of the best colours are in parking lots. This is probably the one and only picture I will ever take in Mississauga, Ontario. Not that I have anything against the place. It was taken killing time while waiting for a flight back to Japan after my sister’s wedding which was the highlight of a great summer.

fire bush yellow

round ladder on orange wall

Amsterdam 2009

I love urban minimalism. Western Europe was a great place for me to shoot as it has so many interesting buildings with splashes of detail, angles and lines from which shadows might ensue. Amsterdam, in particular, is a dream with all of the low buildings that offer great little details like this while still letting enough sunshine pass between them.

new book : city in shadows

Very happy to announce the release of my second collection of photography, city in shadows. It’s a collection of shadow-centred images taken in many of my favourite cities around the world, including Tokyo, Amsterdam, New York, my former home of Kagoshima, Japan, and my current home of Vancouver. A lot of my common themes come up regularly in this collection including minimalism, abstract imagery, and urban decay. I maxed out the size of the book at a particular price point to try and add as much value as possible, meaning that this includes almost eighty pages of my work in total. Check it out here and please let me know what you think. Thanks for your support!

inspiration: Moriyama Daido

I’m very inspired by the Japanese photographer Moriyama Daido (森山 大道 ). His immediacy, his self-professed lack of technical expertise in a traditional sense, his wonderfully artistic eye and carefree approach to street photography really resonates with me.

There is a wonderful quote about Moriyama by the perhaps more renowned Japanese erotic photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, who said,

“The photographer has been a slave to the camera for a long time. Good camera, good lens, Leica, etc – these were the masters of the photographers. But in a way, Daido Moriyama is a photographer who started to make the camera his slave. Photography is not about the camera. Of course we need the camera. If you want to write a romantic love letter, we need some tool to write it with. But anything – a pencil or ballpoint pen – is fine.”

He is in his seventies now and is currently featured at the Tate Modern alongside William Klein if you are lucky enough to be anywhere near London before January 20th.

The featured shot above is mine, taken in the south of Kagoshima City in 2007, as the late afternoon sun shone through an auto repair shop at the end of the working day.

primary fourths

Vancouver 2012

I travel quite frequently over the Second Narrows (Ironworkers Memorial) Bridge which joins East Vancouver and the industrial part of North Vancouver. From Bridgeway Street, right next to the bridge on the East Van side, you can access the grain elevators which is more or less from where I took this shot which was part of a larger series of four. The shadows just kill me and the little touches of primary colours still make me smile.


Vancouver 2012

The beautiful stretch of sunshine we had in Vancouver over early fall offered such bright sun-saturated colours combined with long shadows, two of my favourite photographic elements.