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How much interest in pinterest?

My brother Barry and I were having a great discussion the other day about the value of creative product in the modern digital age and, more to the point, the value of distributing your creative product for free for pure exposure, artistic, commercial, or otherwise. I immediately brought up the much discussed value of a song and how many an independent artist (and indeed, mainstream artist) has intentionally permitted the distribution of their music in order to expand their market and thereby reel in a potential long term audience, preferably a paying one.

The question for me is how to relate these experiences to visual art, where the disposable quality of the digital “aha” experience lends itself most often to a quick view before moving on to the next image which is always only a quick click away.  How does an artist lure in a viewer and make them pause for even a second longer to get that image really burnt into a memory or a more total experience?

I recently started searching for random placements of my images around the web and found that some of my pictures had been “pinned” on pinterest and “tumbled?” on tumblr. Fortunately in all of the cases below my images were credited to me and linked back to my flickr page. In a way these photos are like random tracks on somebody’s road-trip mixtape, passed on to someone else who might potentially be interested in them. While I’m not all that fussed about marketing and self-promotion, I do find it even a little flattering to find these images here, as proof of the existence of the images, little snapshots in time of my snapshots in time.


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